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In 2004, Tessa saw the need for a small detail-oriented group of highly trained professions to provide behavior consultation and Applied Behavior Analysis services to families in Massachusetts. Steps to Success, LLC was born from this need.

Comprehensive Behavior Evaluation

A comprehensive behavior evaluation is done when parents request help on multiple issues or observations of home and school settings. This assessment allows us to examine the different environments a child is in, identify where problems occur, and how we can help. It is often the stepping stones for behavioral services through Steps to Success, LLC. A comprehensive behavior evaluation typically take 8-10 hours of observation and report write-up time. A detailed report is then provided to parents describing what was observed and recommendations.

Home Consultation

Steps to Success consultants provide home consultation based on the principles of applied behavior analysis to help parents with a variety of issues they face daily. These range from tantrums to toilet training problems to executive function challenges and many other concerns. Consultations are similar to all our services in that they are tailored to each family and the challenges they face. Consultation can be ongoing and may be necessary on a weekly basis. It can also be short-term (as brief as a few months) to address temporary issues that are resolved quickly with the aid of Steps to Success consultants.

Home Services

Applied behavior analysis home services are necessary when a family needs more than just consultation services to face ongoing issues. This is based on the number of goals the family wants to address and how often these goals need to be worked on to effectively make progress. For some children with special needs, home services need to be delivered several times a week for a child to learn the necessary skills to function better in their home and community. This is often true with children with autism and other learning challenges. The family and consultant determine the frequency of home services. All home services are closely supervised by a Steps to Success consultant, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

School Consultation

School consultation is provided by Steps to Success consultants to assist teachers and school staff with challenges that warrant outside perspectives and behavioral expertise. Steps to Success consultants work closely with school staff to determine the most effective ways to help a child. A collaborative relationship is formed to help everyone, both the child and the child’s school team. As with all consultation provided by Steps to Success consultants, the frequency and duration of consultations is decided with the parents and school staff to create the best model to help a child succeed.

Social Groups and Facilitated Playdates

Steps to Success offers social group and social skills trainings to children who are challenged by the social world around them. We offer playgroup social groups for young clients needing to work on basic play skills and social communication skills. Older children often need a more structured program to learn the nuances of the social world. For these children we offer social groups based on a highly regarded social curriculum, Social Thinking created by Michelle Garcia Winner. Social groups are held weekly.

Some children benefit from facilitated play-dates to practice getting along with their peers in their homes. This in-situ skill building is helpful for children who need assistance sharing their own toys, environment, parents attention and a variety of other social challenges.

Executive Function Skills Training

Executive Function skill training offers children with EF issues the opportunity to learn and practice the challenges they face. Some children have a tough time organizing themselves, their environment, homework, their activities and their thinking. Steps to Success consultants can help teach the skills necessary to function more successfully.

School Vacation Camps

Steps to Success, LLC consultants learned long ago that there was a need for children with special needs to maintain highly structured days. Unstructured time for many families can be overwhelming and extremely difficult. With this in mind, Steps to Success, LLC vacation camp was born. We offer camp programs to our clients who need a structured behaviorally based environment to support them during their vacations. Camp is an opportunity for children work on their individualized programs, meet new friends, practice social skills and have fun! Camp activities include playing games, doing art projects, having music time, doing yoga, cooking projects and many other fun activities.


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