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The staff at Steps to Success Consultants, LLC dedicate themselves to providing quality behavior analytic services to their clients. We enjoy working with children and families and take pride in the achievements of those individuals. The National Research Council recommends a minimum of 25 hours of services per week for young children, and while this is a general recommendation not specific to each individual, we recognize that services can be provided across a variety of contexts and persons. Thus, we work to collaborate with service providers in schools and in the community to establish consistency for our clients. We recognize that no two individuals will require the same services and personalize programming to meet the needs of each child and family. At Steps to Success Consultants, we strive to work with families to create learning opportunities across all contexts and to work toward our clients finding success in real world settings.

Our services include:

Clinic-Based Services

Steps to Success Consultants, LLC offers clinic-based services. This provides us with the opportunity to work on skills across multiple environments, to work on skills that cannot be as easily targeted in the home setting, and to provide a separate "work" environment for our clients. In addition, we often have more than one client at the clinic at any given time, thus children have the opportunity to work on skills with their peers and to establish relationships with others attending clinic-based services. All clinic services are closely supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Consultant.

School Consultation

School consultation is provided by Steps to Success Consultants, LLC to assist teachers and school staff with challenges that warrant outside perspectives and behavioral expertise. Our consultants work closely with school staff to determine the most effective ways to help a child be more successful in his or her school environment. A collaborative relationship is formed to help both the child and the child’s school team. As with all consultation provided by Steps to Success Consultants, LLC, the frequency and duration of consultations will be determined by our consultant, the child's parents, and the school team in order to create the best model to help the child succeed.

Social Skills Groups and Facilitated Play-Dates

Steps to Success Consultants, LLC offers social skills groups for children who may find the social world around them challenging. For our younger attendees, social skills groups are a platform for individuals to work on basic play skills, cooperative play skills, and basic social communication skills. For our older attendees, a more structured curriculum is employed to help individuals learn the nuances of the social world. Social groups are held weekly at the clinic throughout the year.

Some children benefit from facilitated play-dates to practice getting along with their peers in their homes. These facilitated play-dates establish a platform to help children acquire new social skills such as sharing their toys, sharing their environment, tolerating a parent's diverted attention, and navigating a variety of other social challenges. 

School Vacation Events

Those of us at Steps to Success Consultants, LLC recognize how difficult school vacation days can be for some of our clients, due to the lack of structure and change in schedule; unstructured time for many families can be overwhelming and extremely challenging. With this in mind, Steps to Success Consultants, LLC often offers school vacation events to offer a structured environment for our clients with opportunities for skill acquisition, facilitated play, and myriad social opportunities. Event activities often include playing games, creating art projects, yoga sessions, participating in simple cooking projects, and many other exciting activities.



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